Innovators everywhere are looking for a place to start their new company - could Fort Collins become a hotspot for startups? Easily, in my opinion.

Fort Collins would benefit greatly if it became a hub for upstarts. It would gain even more knowledgeable people than it already has, many more jobs would be created, and a greater population would mean more support for local businesses. If some of those companies, like OtterBox, were to explode into huge companies, Fort Collins would see even more of this growth.

That sounds good and all… but does Fort Collins really have what it takes to host all these companies? I certainly think so.

In order to be attractive to entrepreneurs, a city would need to have a few things: a great environment, wealth, a university with the latest 'n' greatest resources available, and proximity to an airport. Silicon Valley, famous for its huge companies, was comparable to Northern Colorado before an influx of entrepreneurs kickstarted garage-run businesses that became billion-dollar giants. What helped set this off was Stanford's exceptional education, scenic views and fresh air in San Fran, a huge concentration of wealth, and access to a very significant airport. Other cities like Seattle, Phoenix, and even Boulder fit the bill with their own smart populations, wealth, and great universities.

Fort Collins has CSU, a huge engineering school. It has a great environment. It has a nice, smart population. It has a ton of capital. It's fairly close to DIA. So it would be the perfect spot for an entrepreneur looking for a place to spend a few years building his/her new product. Until a few businesses succeed here, though, ambitious businessmen won't flock here to start a company.

So if you're looking for a city that would be perfect for your new factory, come check out Fort Collins!


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