In the first recall election in state history, State Senate President John Morse (D-District 11) and State Senator Angela Giron (D-District 3) have been recalled.

Citizens that were apposed to the legistlators' support of state gun control legislation put the recall election petition on the ballot. Both legislators voted in favor of 15-round limits on ammunition magazines and for expanded background checks on private gun sales. The measures passed the Democrat-controlled legislature and was signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper (D). 

Unofficial El Paso County election results show 51% of El Paso County voters were in favor of recalling Morse, with all precincts reporting. Unofficial Pueblo County election results show 56% of Pueblo County voters were in favor of the recall, with 100% of precincts reporting. 

Morse conceded early Tuesday night. He believe the recall victory is only "symbolic," reminding the crowd that despite the loss of two seats, Democrats still have control of the Colorado state legislature. 

Colorado Springs councilman Bernie Herpin will be take over Morse's seat. Republican George Rivera will take over for Giron. 

Morse Photo Credit: Public Domain/Released by Morse
Giron Photo Credit: Colorado GOP/Creative Commons