The Obama administration has been quietly collecting millions of telephone records from U.S. Verizon customers under a top-secret court order first obtained in late April, according to British newspaper The Guardian. Verizon has been required to provide to the National Security Agency on an "ongoing, daily basis" information on all phone calls made through its systems.

Under the order, the government has obtained phone numbers of both parties on every Verizon call, the call's duration, location data and the time of day the calls were made. The order does not allow the government to listen in on the calls or obtain details of their contents.

We asked visitors "What do you think about Verizon providing this information to the National Security Administration?" 

The results are as follows: 

Response Percent of Respondents Replied
It angers me!  86%
If it's for national security, it's fine 14%
I might have to reconsider my phone carrier 0%
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