Weld County voters will be asked if they would support initiatives to become a new state, known as North Colorado this election day. 

Weld County commissioners said they felt agriculture and oil and gas were under attack in the State Legislature, and the needs of rural Colorado counties were being ignored.

"Rural residents are now a disenfranchised minority of Colorado," Phillips County Administrator Randy Schafer told The Denver Post last month. "National and urban values and needs are trumping rural values and needs."

How Did You Vote?

If you were a Weld County voter how would you vote if presented the question: 

"Shall the Board of County Commissioners of Weld County, in concert with the county commissioners of other Colorado counties, pursue becoming the 51st state of the United States of America?"

84% of respondents voted in favor of the measure, while only 16% of respondents voted against the proposal. 

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