On Wednesday, September 25, Colorado State University announced they were going to begin selling a limited edition t-shirt. Proceeds from the t-shirt sale would benefit flood relief efforts, including CSUCares and the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. The image on the t-shirts is the same Colorado flag inside a raindrop image that was featured on a helmet decal during last week's nationally televised game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Shortly after the shirt was released, KCOL, as well as our sister stations, received a tweet informing us that Colorado State University stole the design from a Denver t-shirt company, known as Geniuz Ink. The tweet acuses CSU of stealing their design on a shirt that's been sold since July 2012. However, Geniuz Ink did not catch the alleged infringement even though CSU started using the design last week prior to the football game. 

UPDATE: On Thursday morning, Geniuz Ink informed 600 KCOL that CSU and Geniuz Ink resolved the issue diplomatically. 

While the execution is similar, it doesn't appear to be the same image as Geniuz Ink alleges. So we thought we'd ask visitors to 600kcol.com if the shirt design is the same. 

KCOL Poll of the Week: Did CSU Copy Geniuz Ink's Design?

Response % of Response
No! It's the same idea, but not the same design. 70%
Yes! It's a blatant rip-off! 30%

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Image Credit: Colorado State University/Geniuz Ink