On Monday night, the Town of Johnstown approved the USA Gun Institute plans to build a 100,000 square foot indoor firing range at the intersection of I-25 and US Highway 34. The facilty will feature 5 indoor shooting ranges, a restaurant, and a gun shop. The decision was met with controversy though. 

While USA Liberty Firearms owner John Mason stated that the facilty would be an "upscale" place to shoot firearms safely, homeowners in the nearby Thompson Crossing Home Owners Association felt there were better places to build the facilty. Homeowners were concerned about traffic, noise, and the potential of an accidental discharge in the parking lot. 

Poll Results: What Do You Think About the Proposed Indoor Shooting Range? 

Over 94% of respondents supported the shooting range, while only 3% sided with the homeowners association. Another 3% of respondents felt the firing range was a terrible idea, no matter where it was built. 

Response Percentage of Respondents
It will be a wonderful addition to Northern Colorado 55%
I think it will provide a great location for people to learn firearms safety 39%
I support the idea, but I think they could have found a better location 3%
It's a terrible idea no matter where they build it 3%

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