The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday from lawyers representing Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood in regards to whether or not the companies must provide contraceptive coverage despite their moral objections to contraceptives and abortifacients. 

In passing the ACA, Congress required insurance companies to cover all birth control methods approved by the FDA. Non-profit religious organizations are exempt from this requirement, but for-profit corporations, such as Hobby Lobby are not. 

Proponents claim that companies not covering these contraceptives is passing a burden onto employees that should be covered by employers, especially when those working for the benefit have done their share of work to earn it. 

Lawyers for Hobby Lobby claim the government has decided to force others to pay for general health care, as well as something as religiously sensitive as contraception and abortifacients."

RESULTS: Who Do You Side With?  

This week's KCOL Poll of the Week asks you to consider the case in front of you as a Supreme Court Justice. Who would you side with? 

  • Do you side with Hobby Lobby, who has a moral objection to providing contraceptive care?
  • Do you side with the government, who claim that not providing coverage for these services is violating the rights of those who worked to receive their insurance coverage?

We asked, and you replied! Over 94% of our visitors sided with Hobby Lobby, while only 6% side with the laws in place. 

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