In an effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, the Fort Collins City Council is considering an ordinance that would require grocery stores to charge 10 cents for every single use paper or plastic grocery bag. The charge would go directly to the retailer, instead of to the city, as was proposed in 2013. 

City officials claim this sort of ordinance would reduce plastic bag usage. The Coloradoan reports that since Boulder imposed a 10-cent fee six months ago, disposable bag usage is down 68 percent. 

RESULTS: Would You Pay 10 Cents For Your Grocery Bag?

The KCOL Poll of the Week asked if you would be willing to pay for your grocery bags. Would you pay the retailer for the grocery bags you use, or would you shop in another town to avoid paying for your grocery bags? 

An overwhelming majority of our readers said they would shop elsewhere if the city mandated that the consumer had to pay the retailer for their grocery bags. About 5% of our listeners stated they would be willing to pay for their grocery bags if the retailer had to do so under city ordinance. 

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