With cities such as Boulder and San Francisco successfully banning plastic bags in grocery stores, it may be a matter of time before a plastic bag ban is successfully implemented in Front Range cities and towns. The matter has been brought before Fort Collins City Council and Colorado State legislature on numerous occassions, but these efforts have been unsuccessful. 

Proponents of the measures claim that plastic bags don't break down in landfills, can choke wildlife, and are difficult to recycle. Opponents of plastic bag bans state it is an over-reaction to something that really isn't a problem when there are bigger issues to be concerned about. 

Poll Results: Should Plastic Bags Be Banned? 

Over 90% of the visitors to 600 KCOL said that plastic bags should not be banned, citing they would like the choice of how to bag their groceries or expressing desire for city councils to be worried about other issues.  The results are: 

Response Percentage of Respondents
Yes! They are terrible for the environment 10%
Yes! I think it can save consumers money 0%
No! Let me choose how I bag my groceries 35%
No! Shouldn't city councils be worries about other things than plastic bag bans?  55%

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Photo Credit: Clear Channel Media + Entertainment