Did you know there is a toilet fair?  I'm not joking!  It will be held March 21-22 in New Delhi. 

It's not exactly what you would think though.  It's actually an event by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation with more than 600 participant including industry leaders, government reps and local/international partners. 

It started last year to showcase waterless toilets.  The toilets are required to cost less than a nickle per use.  CU has submitted a toilet.  Karl Linden is leading the project. He is CU's environmental engineering professor.

This particular toilet uses solar power to heat the "stuff" up to 70 degree (C) and then converts it to fertilizer.

I think it's genius! 

Now calm down... everyone uses the toilet, no need to blush or be embarrassed.  It's normal!  Why not invent a toilet that will put all the "stuff" into use! 

I really wish I could attend this event.  How awesome!