LCHS custodian Mr. Don Rappenecker shows Dr. Chuck Hubbeling where he saw the possible extraterrestrials when he arrived at work early last Friday morning.

Unexplained Object Left At LCHS.  At 6:00AM last Friday morning, LCHS custodian Mr. Don Rappenecker pulled into the parking lot and noticed what appeared to be two individuals standing on the school roof.  He shouted up to the figures asking what they were doing.  "They looked down at me, turned away, and then I saw a gray disc-shaped object about the size of a car lift up off the roof and shoot out to the north.  It rose up slow, hovered for about 10 seconds, then zoomed off like a ray of light," said Rappenecker.  "I've been in war zones, I've got a solid science and physics background, and I'm telling you, this thing was not from this world."
LCHS engineering and physics instructor Dr. Chuck Hubbeling looked into Rappenecker's story.  The pair found something on the roof that appears to have been left behind by the strange visitors.  "I've been looking at this thing all day long, and I think it might be a photovoltaic memory device of some kind," said Hubbeling.  The surface is definitely made of cadmium telluride which is useful in converting light waves into electrical current.  
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Mr. Rappenecker and Dr. Hubbeling examine the "otherworldly" object they found on the school roof last Friday morning.  Hubbeling suspects the object may be evidence of an extraterrestrial visit.

ination, LCHS chemistry instructor Mrs. Elizabeth Timpe found a large gallium arsenide crystal at the object's center.  "These crystals are not naturally formed on earth, certainly not this large and this perfectly.  This crystal had to be manufactured in zero gravity by someone who knew what he was doing," Timpe said.  Researchers have been experimenting with gallium arsenide crystals for years for optical data storage, but molecular imperfections caused by gravity have hampered terrestrial perfection of the crystallization process.
Scientists from the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science visited the school over the weekend.  "I've never believed in UFOs or extraterrestrial intelligent life, but this object is the most solid evidence I've ever seen that suggests I have been wrong," said one of the scientists who requested to remain anonymous. "This thing is so incredible and unbelievable, I'm just concerned about my credibility in the scientific community.  I mean, it may take years for my colleagues to understand what you have here."
Officials from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center will arrive at LCHS tomorrow afternoon to examine the object before transporting it to the agency's Space Materials Research Lab in Greenbelt, Maryland.  Until then, Dr. Hubbeling is keeping the object in the engineering lab.  Students, faculty, and parents wishing to view the object may do so anytime tomorrow (4/1/14) until about 1:00PM when the object will be removed by NASA scientists.
To view the object, you must bring your own precautionary materials with you - UV-blocking sunglasses, at least three feet of aluminum foil, and heavy kitchen-style oven mitts for both hands.  Please see or email Dr. Hubbeling with any questions about viewing the object.  As per a NASA directive, photos of the object are not permitted.