On Thursday, Brad Hoopes was talking to us about the Veteran's Plaza in Fort Collins and it's upcoming event for Memorial Day.  If you didn't catch it on Rocky Mountain View Points, the weekend of May 22-16 there will be lots going on at the Plaza.  For starters, on May 22, there will be about 7,000 flags remember those who have fallen since 9/11.  The count to date of the fallen is 6,729 soldiers.  Every night there will be an open mic for veterans to come share their story of being in the military and war.  Anyone can attend and there will be a camp fire to help set the mood.  On Saturday, the big day, a ceremony will be held and it will be a huge day of honoring our military.  For a list of events and times, check out the website at www.veternsnoco.org.

Also on the website is how you can donate to help support the event as well as how you can donate to replace one of the monitors destroyed by soot from recent fires in No/Co.  Please help by donating to this wonderful memorial and honorarium.