You've probably had a friend or family member hand you a flyer or coupon for a fundraising event at a restaurant where if you present the coupon to the waitress, the establishment will pay a certain percentage of that bill to the organization. These fundraisers are popular for groups because of the minimal overhead involved. But what happens when a business does not pay up? 

That's what Colorado Cougars Cheer and Dance Team says happened to them. According to a report on 7News, the team handed out 150 coupon flyers to Buffalo Wild Wings customers in May. The cheer team would earn 10 percent of sales for each coupon turned in, and Buffalo Wild Wings would match that amount. 

But according to Amanda Vroomen, the check never came. 

In a statement to Buffalo Wild Wings claims that no one turned in any coupons; Colorado Cougars Cheer and Dance Team says otherwise. 

Have any other non-profit organizations had problems with Buffalo Wild Wings? What businesses have you found are easy to work with when these types of fundraisers are held? 

H/T to 7News/KMGH