Thursday morning on 600 KCOL Mornings, we had Aaron from American Eagle Distributing come into the studios and talk to us about High Hops Brewings' new bottled beers, as well as told us about an event happening on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6 pm. 

New Beers 

Today, we sampled High Hops Brewing's newest bottled offerings, including "The Golden One," a lemon pilsner brewed with corriander, as well as "The Power of Zeus," an American Pale Ale brewed with High Hop's "Zeus Hops."

High Hops Brewery is one of many microbreweries located in Northern Colorado, with their brewery located at 6461 Hwy 392, at the west end of Windsor. 

Tequila Dinner 

Want to taste some great tequila and good food? NoCo On The Town is hosting a 4 course Tequila Dinner on Tuesday, February 25. Advance tickets cost $55/person.

For details, click the flyer below, or go to to find out about more this and other exciting tasting events.