On Friday night I was watching  20/20 with Barbara Walters. The topic was the Santa Barbra shooter. It is speculated the reason he went on a shooting spree is because he was a virgin. If in fact that is the reason behind his chaos, this is a terribly messed up and completely psychotic reason.  The killer said in a YouTube video before he went on the shooting spree he wanted to “get revenge on humanity”.

My thought in all this is the younger generation needs to slow down and concentrate on the important things and not so much about having sex. I’m not saying that everyone is so concentrated on having sex, but there are times that every generation gets too “caught up” in almost meaningless things.

My other real question is, how could this have been prevented? We as people of the greatest country in the world need to be more aware of when the people around us, the ones we love and care about, are having trouble in their lives or are depressed.

That being said what do the older generations think about this? What would you have done if you knew this shooter? How would you try to help someone in the shooter’s position?

-Intern Drew