A dear friend of 600KCOL Mornings, Todd Starnes, has just released his new book "God Less America". Today, we are seeing a decay of values across the USA.  Just yesterday, Todd Starnes broke the story of a Florida student that was embarrassed in the front of the class by his teacher telling him he could not read his Bible during a 90 minute free reading period.  The president of Chik-fil-A was scrutinized because of his stance on traditional marriage. Todd Starnes brings to light more stories and interviews about attacks on the value system of America.

Sean Hannity writes about the book, "In this book Todd Starnes combines his signature humor and award-winning investigative journalism skills to expose the left's war on religious liberty."

Todd Starnes is one of my favorite people.  Not only does he do amazing commentary on 600KCOL but he is funny, genuine and clearly loves America.  This book can be found anywhere books are sold.  It will definitely make a great Mother's Day present!