I went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the Veteran's Plaza of Northern Colorado on Saturday.  It was amazing.  There were almost 7000 flags planted in memory of those fallen since 9/11. The speeches, the bag pipes, the veteran support booths/tents set up... it was all wonderful.  What I loved most was TAPS.  I could not believe how beautiful it was played.  I have never heard such a perfect TAPS, and yes, I've heard many.

Thank you to all who came out, participated, donated, etc.  It meant so much to the Veterans as well as the citizens. 

When you see grown men- huge biker guys- weeping as they plant soil samples from the places the US has seen war, it's a moving time.  Thank you to all who have served, thank you to the families who have survived the fallen and thank you to all those who support our troops.

God Bless America. God Bless our troops.


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