I thought I would take a minute and let you meet my family.  I talk about my husband a lot on the air and every once in awhile I talk about my dogs.  We don't have kids - we have dogs.  Marty and Jack rule our life.  Marty is my dog and Jack is my husbands.  Marty came into our lives after I found him on craigslist.  His former mommy was having another baby and Marty was not getting along with her 1year old son.  Mart can't be around children so she had to give him up. It was a sad moment seeing her kiss him goodbye but we all believe she did the right thing. Now, Marty is my love... he is a Lhasa Apso and is very protective of mamma.  He loves bones, he loves his toys (Mr. Will, Mousey and Mr. Hog) and hates going outside. He hates his brother and doesn't want Jack to have any contact with me.  He barks a lot so we have to put a bark collar on him and doesn't like visitors.  Needless to say, he is hard to work with.  He is a big pain in the neck.  We have spent hundreds in training and tried everything on this earth to make him stop being such a stinker, but, it is what it is.  I still love him.  Every mamma loves her kids with unconditional love.  Here is Marty:

Here are the boys together.

Jack on the other hand is kind of a diva (as seen above).  He is a very proud dog and does not mind taking your spot or sitting on your lap while you are trying to do something.  Jack is a little love.  He was rescued by Rocky Mountain Rescue after living on the Denver streets.  He was thin but not too bad.  They thought he may have been homeless a week or two, nonetheless, he was lonely and hungry.  We saw Jack and we instantly fell in love.  His given name by the rescue was Colson but my husband loves Duck Dynasty where Si always says "Jack!". So it's obviously what we had to name him.  Jack is very friendly, loves chicken, love to snuggle with daddy and sleep on daddy's head.  Jack is part Lhasa and part Schnauzer.  His tall legs enable him to watch dad make dinner as he leans up on the cupboards.  He puts up with Marty until he can't contain himself anymore and then he fights his brother.  It's been a hard battle getting him to stop and my husband has been bit many times.  He is getting getter though.  We are all learning how to react to one another.  Here are some pictures of Mr. Jack.

By the way, Jack like the Green Bay Packers and Marty likes the Rockies and Broncos.