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We've been getting a variety of response from our listeners and followers of our sister stations about FCHS and their decision to say "No" to "America Day," an attempt to allow students to show their school spirit. Below is just a few of the responses we've received: 

"As a graduate of FCHS many years past, and going my whole school career in PSD, I am ashamed by this current administration. Where will the political correctness end?? There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the USA. We celebrate other countries and nationalities, why not our home country? I say it is time to get our schools back." 

-Jay R.

"Students should hold the display anyway...political correctness has been taken too far. Shame on the administration for this. Parents should be outraged. Sadly, few will probably care."

-Gary H.

"You live in America, we should have pride in our country. We cannot even celebrate our own traditions yet bend over backwards for traditions of other countries. It makes no sense!" 

-Jocelynn C.

"Funny the people who push to end "America Day" are the same ones who go absolutely nuts for that pointless Cinco de Mayo crap!"

-Mike K.

Perhaps the powers-to-be need to be reminded that many immigrants (whether they are legal or not) want to come to this great country for the opportunities that we provide. To not celebrate our country and who we are, is to me, telling those from foreign countries...come on over and step on our constitution and spit on our fallen soldiers. Shame on the administration!

-Linda S. 



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