Robin Williams died.  He hung himself.  He had a drug problem but that's not the reason he killed himself.  It was the depression.  We know he struggled and struggled hard.  I don't think the news and media covered his death as much as they did Michael Jackson and others because of the suicide factor.  Most people don't know how to handle it, what to think about it or how to report it.  It is what it is though... he killed himself.  Robin Williams was so depressed he didn't see any hope, so he gave up. 

To those who don't suffer with depression, it's almost impossible to understand. Depression is an emotion AND it's a chemical imbalance.  Most people, if not all people, go through times of emotional depression- say a loved one dies, a bad break up, a pet dies etc.  But then there is a chemical imbalance.  Something people have no control over.  It's when the "happy juices", as I call them, in your brain aren't working like they should- you lack enough happy juice.

I understand.  I have lived with depression for 13 years.  I've never been suicidal but I can relate to wanting to die.  It took me about 4-5 years to finally seek help. There was nothing in my life that made me depressed.  I didn't have anyone close die, nothing from my childhood.  I just started to become depressed.  Most of high school is a fog to me.  I literally do not remember most of it.  I went through the motions, slept a lot and didn't eat much.  A couple years after high school it got so bad, I could not even sleep.  I didn't sleep for two months.  It took me another few months until I finally sat down with my doctor.  During high school, I would journal about just wanting to 'go home' (Heaven).  I would never have done something to myself, but to want to go away from this earth seemed very appetizing. 

To be in such a dark place that you don't care about anything but going away is where people with depression go.  That is where Robin Williams went.  There is nothing anyone could have done or said to make him change.  He was at the very rock bottom of his life. I'm sure his family tired to help but it was an individual choice that no one else can make. 

I will tell you from experience that trying to avoid ones depression is not the answer.  Trying to relate to someones depression is not the answer either.  A lot of times people try to say things like "I was depressed when my father died so I know how you feel".  No, no you don't.  NEVER try to relate to someone with depression unless they ask for it.  But always be there to LISTEN to someone.  When a person battling depression feels comfortable enough to talk to you, just listen.  That is it.  Providing an outlet like a listening ear can save a life.  Be available to this person. Make them feel like they actually mean something to you.  Give them hope.  Everyday someone with depression stays healthy and alive is a victory.

FYI, I don't agree with suicide and in no way am I justifying this selfish act.  But, I know that blanket of darkness that depression creates.  How people respond to it is an individual choice.  We need to be the light in that darkness.