A BIG thank you to Treasurer Walker Stapleton for coming on the air with us to talk about The Big Colorado Payback.  For those who missed it, ever state has a vault including money and items that belong to residents.  If you forgot to pick up a paycheck, didn't finish using your gift card, didn't cash a check, forgot about a safety deposit box etc, the state has it and wants to give it back!  There is about 600 million dollars in this vault that the state can't do anything with but hold on to it. 

This is real.  I found $1,400 for a neighbor, $120 and $69 for my sister and so much more.  All you have to do is go to www.greatCOpayback.com or call 800-825-2111 to plug in your name and see if there is money there you may have forgot about.

Again, the state can't keep your money for themselves, they can only wait for you to claim it.  So claim it already!