On the fourth of July this year, I saw a kid jump over a firework fountain about to blow up. And it made me wonder what happened to kids and why do they act so dumb sometimes. Doesn’t seem like people have become progressively worse as the years have passed?

Let’s explore the reasoning behind the chaos. Some say you can blame the parents, others say its video games like Grand Theft Auto, and others say it is just unexplainable. What about the trends now days?  For instance, “milk smashing”, or the “knock out game”. Where do kids come up with these completely idiotic things to do to other people or themselves?

I think the real reason for the stupidity is things like YouTube and Vine because no matter where you go  there is ALWAYS a camera around. The constant crave for attention is as high as it’s ever been; all the kids from the generation I am talking about (mine included) all want to be the next big YouTube sensation.

I think that the older generation should feel very fortunate that YouTube and cell phone cameras weren’t around back in the day.

-Intern Drew