UPDATE: We have contacted Twitter, and they fixed the issue for us! We are now happy to report that you can Tweet @600KCOL and we will get it!


This is Web Guy Tom, and I want to share something with our loyal 600 KCOL Mornings audience. 

As our audience uses social media to interact with Jimmy and Jennifer during 600 KCOL Mornings, you may wonder why we have two separate Facebook and Twitter addresses. Our station's Facebook page URL is facebook.com/600kcol, but our Twitter handle is @600kcolam. Why don't we use 600kcol on Twitter, too? 

Good question. 

Years ago when Twitter was new, someone at KCOL set up a twitter account with the user name @600KCOL. Time passed. People came and went, and eventually, the Twitter account password was forgotten. The problem is, the e-mail the account is registered to points to a user no longer at 600 KCOL. 

I tried unsuccessfully to get the account put under our name. However, Twitter's policies are preventing us from being able to reclaim our name. So we had to start from square one - with a whole new Twitter profile. 

I know this can be a little confusing (and it doesn't really roll off Jimmy's tongue very well), but our hands our tied. We'll keep trying to fix this, however, and maybe soon, we'll have a Twitter handle that matches our Facebook URL. 

Thanks for listening and interacting with 600 KCOL! 

-Web Guy Tom