This should only come as a surprise to you if know nothing about history and the goals of the Communist Party. One of them was to take over the schools. Another is, disparage what is known about history, rip it apart and rewrite it. The goals were entered into the Congressional Record in 1963 and they can be easily found on the internet. Also, what did you think and what did you do when the Barack Obama ordered the WWII Memorial barricaded shut to keep veterans from seeing their own memorial? It’s the same type of thing and part of the plan.

Now, some honcho at the school is probably going to say that he or she didn’t know this was happening, they’ll issue a modest apology and by Wednesday they will be up to their old tricks and following the plan again. By Friday most of the people are upset will have forgotten all about the issue.


Ps. Something similar is happening in every day, in many schools, all across the country.

Example: Mayor De Blasio cut out a program assisting gifted learners because it was not diverse enough, There were too many WHITE kids.