SHAME on you and your campaign Arlene Schiffman!

I purposely waited until the voting polls were closed, so as not to be misconstrued as an attempt to sway anyone.

I cannot express how angry I am about a text message that was received by my home phone today. A phone that my soon to be 11 year old child uses on a daily basis. This message started out as a get out and vote message, which is fine. Then quickly became an anti-park message. This is also fine, whereas I live in Colorado which is a "battleground state", and I have grown accustomed to political ads. (Full disclosure I happen to be pro park.)

The part that angered me is this quote "kids- get your parents to vote NO on the new park. You will understand when you get older that this is stealing. We are also voting on a new mayor for town of Wellington, please vote for Arlene Sciffman."

How dare you try to indoctrinate my children!

It is not the job of a political hack to teach my child right from wrong. It is mine. And I go to great lengths to do so. I will teach my child this is not stealing - this is how democracy works.

Children do not vote for a reason, and to target them in this fashion is disgraceful. I love this town and would expect a lot more out of someone who wants to help run it, such as controlling their campaign assistance.

Wellington, Colorado

(Writer requested name to remain anonymous)

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