Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution document the founding principles of Individual Liberty and Limited Government.

Over time,these principles have been eroded by an ever increasing amount of legislation,spending,and taxation.

The net effect on the Individual has been a decrease in Liberty and Prosperity.

The overgrowth needs pruning.

I suggest the following:

  • Each legislative session begin with the Repeal Segment.In this segment,the Dems and Repubs would have to agree on laws to repeal(Freedom Restored) and taxes /spending to cut.
  • Then,in the second segment of the session,the legislative half,for every 10 laws they repeal,they could pass a maximum of 8. And for ever $1,000,000 of spending/taxes they cut,they could spend/tax $800,000,
  • Also,no more complex omnibus 3,000 page bills. Hmmm, to pass 8 pages of legislation,you must repeal 10 pages of legislation.....yes,I like that.


(Bob asked for his last name to remain anonymous.)

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