I've been listening to John talk about the Fort Collins city bag fee. The council and powers behind the ordinance are trying to social engineer us into using reusable bags.

They should apply the fee to all bags - paper wraps, fast food, gift shops, food trucks, etc. AND turn the bag dispensers the city itself provides at parks to pick up "dog droppings" into little vending machines. Remember fair is fair.

What should be done with the money collected? Use it to create a new business here in town to manufacturer those reusable bags they suggest we use. It would reduce the overall "green footprint" of these bags plus put people to work here (or at least close by).

On a side note: Out of 15 reusable bags we have at my house (that were stored in the back of a closet until last night) only ONE was made in the USA. 


Jim B.
Fort Collins, Colorado

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