One of the greatest affects of the aging boom in America will be upon the medical system. Predictions say that we are not far away from the system being overwhelmed to the point that many individuals will be dependent on their family to maintain their independence. But the problem there is that not everyone's family are together. other people may be employed and unable to stay at home and supervise the care recipient all day long. So technology is being created to help with that job. It;s called "Aging In Place Technology". In this podcast Tom Lorenz, Gerontologist and technological consultant clues you in to how it works and how likely it is to be part of your life in the near future.

Boomers are reaching retirement age at the rate of 10,000 a day, experts say. But many of them are not retring in the traditional fashion. Some are starting new careers. In this podcast Linda Rosso talks about her transition from the corporate world into a new career that she really loves and has found a way to even make money doing it. Her tips may help you.

Finally, Death Cafe's! I know this sounds like a morbid topic but it's really not like that at all. Death Cafe's are coming to life actually all over the world... even here in Colorado. Find out in this podcast what they are all about and why people are being drawn to them. Link