In this report I change the pace a bit and talk about lighter topics such as the benefits to the young and young at heart of Laughter Yoga. I begin a series talking with baby boomers who are now into their encore career -- how they did it. I highlight how the influx of older adults has already begun to affect traffic safety and what one women is doing to help everyone stay safe. These topics and more on this podcast.
First, Laughter Yoga. How long have we been hearing from the scientific and health community that laughter is good medicine? There is scientific documentation to back this up. My thought was this when I heard about laughter Yoga. "Wow this good be something great for my mom. A way to be involved with people who don't sit around and just talk about how bad things are. And she would get to get a few laughs in and that could help her enjoy life more and feel better." I mean, this would be great for older adults! So I called the moderator of the group and we talk about whay Laughter Yoga is all about and it sounded perfect. Especially once I knew I could tell mom she would never have to get into the Downward Dog position. She's not real flexible these days. My guest is Mary Dravis-Parrish of Laughter Yoga MeetUps.
Next on the podcast, a new series talking about "What's Next For Me? This conversation is geared to boomers who may be into starting out in something fresh regarding the work that they do. Boomers are definitely not retiring like it's been done in the past. But that creates a lot of questions. So I decided that every week I would ask a boomer who has done it. And you know what? They love sharing their tips... and they are helpful. This week I talk with Tom Lorenz, owner of Be Home 4Ever.
Plus, what will it mean to traffic safety once it get to the point that 1 in 4 drivers on the raod will be over the age 80? Who knows? But I'll bet there will be lots of problems. But we can't just tell older Americans they have to stay at home, or get feiends or family to take them everywhere all the time. Well, good news. One women in America has a pretty good idea that gives oler Americans the freedom they want when it comes to getting around, removes the burden off of freinds and family and keeps us all safe on the road. I speak with Kathrine Freund of ITN America.
And there's more, so I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for listening.