Barbara Schoenberger is something of an expert when it comes to knowing how Fort Collins percieves the aging boom, or the silver tsunami as some call it. Her, and others, at the Fort Collins Senior Center, in conjunction with the City of Fort Collins and area business leaders and planners have spent a lot of hours putting plans together and putting those plans into action. Why? Because this is one event every community in the country needs to be planning for. The silver tsunami event entails some 70 million baby boomers all turning 65 in a very compressed amount of time. Within the next 2 decades 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65. And very soon 1 American out of 3 will be over the age of 80. This means, everything has to change... socially, politically and economically. Fortunately, visionaries live and work in northern Colorado and knew years ago that we had to begin preparing. Barbara has been part of that group of people and it was great to have her in the studio to talk about it. It's a look into our future here in northern Colorado and the while we aren't there yet, we do have reasons to be optimistic. Especially if we all come to understand that this is an event  that ultimately will need is us all involved in a way that we are able to give of our time, talents, skills and/or physical resources.

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