Innovative technologies, unprecedented financial challenges and opportunities, new healthcare models, new social policy... these are a few, and I really mean a few, of the topics that come along with this event that The McCarthy Report is focused on in every program, The Silver Tsunami. The enormous expansion of older adults in our society taking place now through the year 2050. But as I thought a little deeper, I wondered if this might have an effect on the most basic part of all of us. That is, being human. I wondered if the Silver Tsunami might literally change our collective perception of reality? I, of course, can't say that it will or that it won't. Who can with 100% certainty? But I thought it would be fun, and interesting to investigate. So I arranged to speak with Penney Pierce. She's been talking about consciousness transformation since 1979. She's spoken with some very high ranking people in the world about it in fact. They really listen to her. As best as I knew how I presented my vision of the future to her to see what her thoughts to those visions would be. While I don't feel like I said it as eloquently as I should have, given who I was talking to, I apparently said what I was sensing well enough... and her response gives us even more to see about what our near future may possibly hold for the human race.

Enjoy the interview. I know I did. 

Tim McCarthy