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Helen Dennis is my guest on this podcast. She is a nationally recognized leader on the subjects of aging, employment and retirement. See more about her at her website.

In this conversation we talk about successful aging, and Helen addresses what that really is from her perspective. We talk about how baby boomers view aging in contrast to the views of previous generations, and what that means to our society as a whole. We also address the question about the economic challenge facing America with so many millions of baby boomers not being preared financially for retirement. The main thrust of this conversation though, to me, comes down to how each one of us, especially in the baby boomer generation, will need to decide how we can apply the passions, skill, talents and/or resources we possess to helping every citizen in every community in America meet the challenges of the aging boom and come out on the other side of it with our country's security, stability and freedom still in tact. Practical suggestions are offered in this podcast to help get you thinking about it.

There's never been a challenge to our country like this one. Americans everywhere need to be involved. It's too big to rely on federal, state and local governments to handle it. Our personal involvement will help enormously in keeping the total cost of this event manageable. I truly believe that without you and I doing something, anything that we can, then America's future is in grave danger. But don't just take my word, or even Helen's word for any of this. Check it out for yourself. There is information everywhere these days. Just Google "silver tsunami" and start there. It's extrememly interesting, eye opening and motivating. And then, start your own conversation about it with others. Thanks. Tim

Keep America strong!