In this interview, Paul Irving, Pres. of The Milken Institute (Milken Institute) talks about his book, "The Upside of Aging: How Long Life Will affect The World of Health, Work, Innovation, Policy and Purpose (See Book). The official description for the book talks about all the doom and gloom that this topic gets wrapped up in. But points out that there is another side to the story. A true side that's anything but doom and gloom. Bottom-line is that the increasing age demographic of the globe will alter every aspect of human existence. But Mr. Irving speaks on the remarkable upside to it all too. As the title says, the health, work, innovation,policy and purpose sides. He emphases the baby-boomers crucial role and more. This discussion will open eyes around the world and help you see the future and prepare yourself, your family and your community so that we won't just survive this unprecedented event, but we will thrive through it. 

I want to share with you in this blog a link to a YouTube video. It's a trailer for a movie that has been produced and right now is showing wherever they can get the film in. The link is below. If you have the resources, contacts or any means by which to help this movie get distribution, please do help. It's an excellent production with what, in my opinion, is the most crucial message in the world today. Thanks for any help you can offer.

YouTube Trailer (Silver Tsunami: The Movie - 23 Min)


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