Believe it or not, there are two big national economic issues that are coming at us in terms of health are. They are dementia (Alzheimer's) and falls in older adults. Yes, falls. Falls are racking up a huge national health care bill and it's getting more expensive almost by the day. But here's where you and I come in. Many times what would amount to an ordinary accidental fall can be prevented with just a little bit of preparation. if we could all do our part we could make a dent in that big bill and save our national economy a ton of unnecessary stress. Tom Lorenz, of Be Home 4 Ever, talks about where falls occur the most for older adults plus offers other great tips to help you help your older loved one.

Have you, or your family, taken care of the legal paperwork that is necessary for older adults? After this interview with Andrew Stone of Stone Law, you will most definitely understand why you need to do this. He's straight up about what happens when you have your power of attorney documents filed, and what happens when you don't. I don't think anyone would choose the hassles that come with not having these documents in order. So listen to this segment real closely for sure.

Alzheimer's... who hasn't heard of this? We all have and we all have a good enough idea of how difficult this makes life for both the one with Alzheimer's but also for everyone close to them. So far there is no known cure. There's no way of knowing who will get it and who won't. But when there are older adults in your life, especially in the 85+ age range, there are good reasons to be aware of the signs that may indicate there is a potential for Alzheimer's, or some other type of dementia. Dr. Ethelle Lord, President of International Caregiver's Association and owner of has a primer available that you can purchase that gives you the 10 most common signs for spotting potential dementia. We briefly talk about the first 5 in this program. There may not be a cure, but certain types of dementia can be managed. Especially if caught early. So keep an eye oyt after you learn the first 5 signs in this program. Next week we will go over the other 5.