I-25 Train


                 There is a new transportation idea that is being proposed for Colorado. What is it? Fixing Lanes? Making our high system better after years of frustration for Colorado drivers? The answer to these questions is no.  Instead our government has decided to bring us another idea that has failure written all over it. The idea is a train that would run from Trinidad to the Wyoming/ Colorado border. Senator Larry Crowder from Alamosa is a strong supporter of this. That is all fine and dandy, but how bad is the traffic in Alamosa? The biggest frustration for me is that someone from a town where traffic isn’t bad at all is trying to state his two cents about how there should be a train running through what is already some of the worst driving in the US.  From NOCO down to Denver, population is growing every year and if there was just a little focus on how to fix I-25, we might be just a little happier while driving in the Mile High City.