Bungee Jump Goes Terribly Wrong And The Internet Gasps In Horror

An adventure seeker named Laura went bungee jumping, and while she didn't get very far, she did get very injured. 

Instead of leaping into the chasm below her, because part of Laura's rope got caught on the platform she was standing on, she wound up jumping off, only to be immediately swung upside-down into the side of the cliff below her, face first, and then just dangled there.  

Thinking they'd record a graceful controlled fall, her friends wound up capturing the whole accident in a video, which shows her rough injuries (if you are squeamish you might not want to watch).

The accident took out some teeth and left her bloodied and bruised, but thankfully she was wearing a helmet so she was spared from more severe problems.

Scroll down for a somewhat graphic photo of Laura with her injuries.

No word on if she'll ever try to bungee again. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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