Teen Punches Waitress Who Was Being Rude To Her Mother

A 14-year-old girl was cited by police after she allegedly punched a waitress who was being rude to her mother. The incident started after the 17-year-old waitress brought the incorrect amount of change for the bill back to their table. The girl's 38-year-old mother started yelling and cursing at the waitress, causing a scene at BD's Mongolian Grill in Glendale, Wisconsin.

When the waitress, whose name was listed as Ari Zoña in a deleted Facebook post that claimed she was the one who was hit, attempted to calm the irate woman down, her 14-year-old daughter told Zoña to "stop talking to her mother like that." A few moments later, the 14-year-old girl punched the waitress in the face. A manager intervened and gave the family the correct change.

When they left the restaurant they were met by police at their vehicle. The woman told police that she should have walked away from the argument and been a better role model for her daughter. Police cited the young girl for battery and her mother received a citation for disorderly conduct. 

Photo: Getty Images

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