Video Captures Deer Running Wild Through DC Metro Station

Passengers waiting for a train in Washington DC were startled when a deer wandered down onto the tracks early Tuesday morning. WMATA released the video in a tweet, joking that the deer just wanted to "get aboard the @Capitals train" and hitch a ride to the team's Stanely Cup victory parade. 

Seems like *everyone* wants to get aboard the @Capitals train this morning! (Crystal City Station, 8:30 a.m. today -- this little guy somehow wandered into the tunnel & ended up at the station. Safely exited through the tunnel back toward DCA.)   

In the video, taken from surveillance cameras at the Crystal City Station, the deer can be seen running on the tracks as a train slowly pulls into the station. One man was so busy looking down at his phone that he didn't notice as the animal jumped onto the platform. When he finally looks up to check on the approaching train, he noticed the deer and slowly backs away as it bolts across the tracks. 

Another video shows the deer running in front of a woman who is putting on makeup. As it nears her she appears startled and looks confused as the deer continues to explore the station. 

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel told the Washington Post that the deer was unharmed and exited the station through a tunnel. He explained the deer likely wandered in from a nearby wooded area. 

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