Is Estes Park Open to Tourist?

Some recent out of state visitors to Estes Park, Colorado, have found some nasty-grams left on their cars.

"GO THE HELL BACK TO WHEREVER YOUR OUT OF STATE LICENSE IS FROM," was the message left on several cars. The Estes Park Police Department issued this statement, "Last weekend a very unkind, mass-produced note was placed on numerous vehicles with out-of-state plates in the Estes Valley," said the police statement suggesting the behavior is not welcome in the town. "We're looking for the individual(s) who did this, because we'd like to remind them that tampering with private property and littering could lead to charges in Municipal Court."

Some business owners, who desperately need tourist - especially during Summer months - are telling tourist to bring in their "nasty-gram" for free drinks or other products.

Let's hope that CoronaVirus fears haven't spawned this systemic problem in Estes Park.

Here's the link to the story on Denver Channel 7

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