Jimmy Lakey 2020 Voters Guide

If you are still working to fill out your ballot, maybe I can help. First, the Independence Institute a good 2020 voter guide that is a great resource. Find that at i2i.org.

If you don’t want to venture too far beyond this page, below is how I marked my ballot. We’ll call it the JIMMY LAKEY 2020 VOTERS GUIDE

President/Vice President - TRUMP/PENCE


I voted also straight Republican on the other races on ballot.

I voted against retaining all judges.

Amendment B: Repeal Gallagher Amendment - NO

Amendment C: Conduct of Charitable Gaming - YES

Amendment 76: Citizenship Qualification of Voters - YES

Amendment 77 - Local Approval of Casino Bet Limits & Games - YES

Proposition EE - Taxes on Nicotine Products - NO

Proposition 113 - Adopt Agreement for Colorado to Elect President by National Popular Vote - NO

Proposition 114 - Reintroduction of Gray Wolves - NO

Proposition 115 - Prohibit Abortions after 22 weeks - YES

Proposition 116 - State Income Tax Rate Reduction - YES

Proposition 117 - Voter Approval of Certain New State Enterprise Fees - YES

Proposition 118 - Paid Family & Medical Leave Program - NO

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