Does Anderson Cooper Really Think This?

Anderson Cooper has compared the DC Riots to the Rwandan Genocide. WOW! For over 10 years, I've been traveling to Rwanda on behalf of my charity (River'sPromise). In fact, I'm often there 2-3 times each year and almost every visit I visit a Genocide memorial or gravesite.

I've been in the crypt of a Rwanda church where hundreds sought refuge during the Genocide. They found none and were slaughtered inside the church building. The crypt contains coffins & skulls of those murdered.

I've met many survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. We've helped many orphans of the Genocide attend school & get food. A million people were killed in just 90 days during the Rwandan Genocide.

Mr. Cooper, I know about the Rwandan Genocide. I have friends who survived. I have friends who lost family. I know about the Rwandan Genocide and your comparison is beyond asinine.

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