Jimmy Explodes on Anderson Cooper

I usually don't make such long posts as I'm also not usually so "amped up" when I post . . . but when an idiot newscaster wants to make any comparison to the Rwandan Genocide, I get a little miffed and he better bring his A-GAME. Are you listening Anderson Coopers??

I'm in Rwanda multiple times a year. My son was adopted from Rwanda. Over the last decade, I've averaged 2-3 trips each year to Rwanda and almost every trip has included a trip to one of the many Genocide memorials. I'm there doing charity work for River's Promise

I know survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. I've met & helped children who were rescued from septic tanks after their parents were slaughtered and the family dumped in tank to die. I know people who remember hiding in the woods for weeks with their families to avoid slaughter. I've been in crypts surrounded by coffins and damaged skulls of victims. I've visited the churches where hundreds fled for refuge only to be betrayed by priests who let the killers inside. Their bloody clothes are still stacked as a memorial. My list could continue -- but let's just say I know more about the Rwandan Genocide than most in the USA and especially more than celebrity commentators on CNN. . . so when Anderson Cooper wants to make a comparison I call BS! He's simply an elite American "journalist" hoping to make a political point! He's a hack and a farce of a journalist. I'll just say it . . . he's a fool who minimizes the impact of true GENOCIDE for his own political agenda. Are you listening Anderson Cooper? Do you hear me Anderson Cooper?

A comparison to the Rwandan Genocide is a serious comparison as 1 million people were slaughtered, mostly with machetes, in 90 days. Whether Auschwitz or Rwandan Genocide . . . you should be careful to compare things to these horrible human tragedies. Political agendas do not justify such horrific hyperbole.

Anderson Cooper, you aren't a journalist - just a political hack and fool! I invite you on my radio show ANYTIME to defend your statements. Do you dare? Come on Anderson Cooper let's chat on the radio. If you want to make such bold comparisons, let's talk!! #LAKEY #600KCOL

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