I Miss Him Already

When my show ended today, I began my usual work of recording show promos and other recordings that needed to be done. I was working quickly as I wanted to tune into the "Rush Limbaugh Show" to see if he had made it back to the show after a few weeks of absence. Just as I was wrapping up and about to tune in, my phone exploded with texts & phone calls. Rush had not returned. Rush had passed away.

I've spent the day talking & texting with my friends in the radio business. We all feel the same way. We''re numb and it seems unreal to think that Rush is gone. Rush was the pioneer. He was an icon. I've been doing talk radio for the better part of 20 years and Rush has always been the giant. He was the godfather that made it possible for the radio format we know today to exist. Many of my friends "in the business" feel the same way, it's like we lost a family member.

It's a cold, snowy, and dreary day in Colorado - a fitting backdrop for how I feel.

Rest easy, Rush! I never had the privilege of meeting you on earth but one day I know I'll get to do that in a much better place . . . but don't be surprised if I'm starstruck and ask for an autograph and photo. Until then . . .

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