She Speaks Truth!

Since the day she was elected to Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado's CD-3 has been under attack by Democrats. She immediately became a national sensation and a day doesn't go by without some story about her. Her opponents are working overtime to demonize her and are lining up to oppose her on the ballot in 2 year.

Why the freak out? Is it because she is pro-gun? Maybe! But I think it's bigger than that! It's because she's fearless!

Congress is contemplating yet another COVID stimulus bill. It has very little to do with COVID and a whole lot to do with pork! Thank God for Rep. Lauren Boebert for calling it out.

See her name in the Fox News headline here.

Schumer & Pelosi are serving up pork & Colorado's own Lauren Boebert is brave enough to say "HELL NO!"


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