Science or Agenda?

I spent this weekend traveling through a few airports and 2 different States. It just so happens that my travel corresponds with the one year anniversary of COVID-19 arriving in the USA. It makes me wonder, are we being governed by true science or just political agenda? Here are some observations from the weekend . . .

  • How is it ok to sit "hip to hip" on an airplane but in waiting area before boarding, every other seat is marked to skip at some airports?
  • How is it ok to get served food & drinks at an airport restaurant but not on an airplane?
  • How is it ok to hand out water & snacks on some flights but unsafe to offer soft drinks or alcohol?
  • How is it safe to offer a full beverage selection in First Class but not in Coach?
  • Why have some airports turned off their hand dryers in the public restrooms but other airports have just turned off some of them or left only 1 operational?
  • Why has Gov. Jared Polis EXTENDED his mask mandate in Colorado when other Governors are ending theirs? Here's more on Polis' mask extension.

I could type many more of these questions but you get the idea. Are we really being governed by Science?

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