The Boulder Revolt

This past weekend, hundreds University of Colorado students held a party in the streets of Boulder's University Hill neighborhood. It went peacefully for quite some time before some in the crowd decided to turn over a car. I'm guessing that was enhanced by alcohol consumption. Then when the police showed up to disperse the non-socially distanced crowd, the booze caused some more bad behavior among college students.

While the story hit national news because of the "riot" that erupted, let's not lose fact that the reason hundreds of students had gathered to party in the first place was a REVOLT against the restrictions they have lived under for the past 12 months. The students had enough.

A CU Boulder student, who did not want to be identified, told Denver7 what happened Saturday night was a result of frustration over COVID-19 restrictions.
"This is a culmination of kindred spirits that have come together to put on something beautiful: a rebellion, revolution," the student said. "They feel like they've had their freedoms taken away from them by the school, by the county. This was a revolt."

Here's my suggestion for the CU Students moving forward, just drive north on upcoming weekends to Wyoming. Be sure to have a designated driver or pay for a long UBER ride . . . but go north and escape the continued restrictions of Gov. Jared Polis. He's drunk with power . . . you were drunk on University Hill. He's been doing damage to Colorado for a year. You did some damage last Saturday. Don't do that again. You just need a trip to Wyoming to once again taste freedom.

Here's the report from Denver7

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