The James Gang Rides Again! Please be introduced to "The James Gang 2.0!"

That's my goofy mug right there. I posed in front of flowers. They made me feel pretty.

Hi friends, my name is Scott James.

A long time ago in a land far, far away, I had a show on 600 KCOL called "The James Gang."

I didn't get canceled or anything - that was before cancel culture was even thunk of by the left. Nope, 13-years ago Mother iHeart just moved me across the hall - literally 15-feet from the chair that Lakey sits in - to do a goofball FM morning show with my friend, Sadie on Big 97.9. Today, Scott and Sadie is a top-rated morning show in NoCo and we have been incredibly blessed.

But I've missed you. I've missed being involved in the arena of ideas. I've missed discussing issues with you and trying to apply country-boy common sense to the insanity of government and culture. We did that on The James Gang. We don't do it on Scott and Sadie. Scott and Sadie, much like the old Seinfeld show, is a show about nothing. It is designed to be apolitical and simply fun.

But sometimes it's hard to laugh when you witness the world falling apart around you.

The bosses here at Mother iHeart have been very gracious in allowing me to merge back on to 600 KCOL, at least in a limited fashion. To this day, I'll bump into people out in the real world and they'll ask, "When is The James Gang coming back?" Look, I'm flattered by that questions, but it's been 13-years - let it go. But I can't let it go, either.

The world needs us. We "common sense"-types. We pragmatics. We four pillars of conservatism-types. Yes, I will be explaining the four pillars of conservatism. The world needs those of us who want to keep our government small, our markets free, our Constitution in the forefront, and our focus on a FREE individual. That's what The James Gang 2.0 will be all about. Empowering you with knowledge and conversation and viewpoints that will assist you in ACTIVATING locally. Watching national politics, wringing our hands, and gnashing our teeth is addictive like a soap opera, but it accomplishes absolutely nothing. The action - and the NEEDED WORK - is here at home.

The best government is the government that is closest to home - that's where we will shine our light, have our discussions, and suggest involvement.

So, what to expect?

Will there be a radio show? Not right now. Maybe in the future - we might do something on the weekends and we might do some live and in-person events. But remember, this is my "hobby job." My day job is working for the good people of Weld County as the Commissioner from District 2. My time is limited, so I want to be the most impactful with the time God gives me - as should you!

So, where will The James Gang ride? In the digital space. I'll blog frequently - please follow it at That looks pretty spartan right now because I have just begun this little journey. It'll beef up. The main thing will be daily podcasts - The James Gang Daily Roundup. If you haven't begun listening to podcasts, well, welcome to the 21st century. You're only 21-years late. But that's okay. This is so important - please FOLLOW ME on the iHeart Radio app HERE. Please SUBSCRIBE on the iTunes app HERE.

Podcasts are convenient, on-demand, you listen when you want - I like them a lot! Their weakness is in the recorded nature of that product. It's difficult to get the LIVE interaction that you have with radio. But I WANT YOU to be a central part of The James Gang. There's no "GANG" without you. So PLEASE follow and interact with me on social media. 600 KCOL's Facebook page is HERE. My personal Facebook page is HERE. Please follow and interact with me on Twitter - @ScottKJames - and use the hashtag #TJG2 if you want to be fancy.

That's it, for now. To continue on the colloquial phrasing, it's time to ride - again!

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