Forget the Emperor Known as Ceasar, if Fauci Had His Way, We'd Hail Him

Top Health Officials Testify Before Senate Hearing

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Referencing THIS ARTICLE in the Wall Street Journal (sorry - subscription link).

It's interesting to watch Democrats try to discredit Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's ruling striking down mask mandates on planes and other public transportation. She is a Trump appointee, don't ya know, and all things Trump must be minimized, ridiculed, and destroyed. To my land grant university education level of understanding, the courts and judicial branch exist to interpret the law and protect the rights of citizens. Judge Kimball Mizelle did her job.

But wait, Lord Fauci has something to say...

The principle of a court overruling a public health judgment by a qualified organization like the CDC is disturbing in the precedent that it might send.
Benevolent and Supreme Leader Fauci, CBS News Interview

For two years, public health officials have stretched the bounds of authority, often exceeding their authority, in trying to chase "the science," which changes, by the way. I have believed from the very start that the individual should be protected - that liberty should be considered and protected - when these public health decisions are made.

Now Fauci believes that the CDC and Public Health officials should trump (no trigger intended) courts that pursue justice and protect the rights of the individual. I disagree, Lord Fauci. From the above linked WSJ op-ed...

Governments at all levels have abused their emergency powers during the pandemic. Some deference to public-health officials might have been warranted amid the uncertainty early in the pandemic. But as Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in November 2020, “even if the Constitution has taken a holiday during this pandemic, it cannot become a sabbatical.”

True dat. This administration has constantly erred on the side of authority and not on the side of liberty. Even after Biden said it's the individual's choice - "that's up to them" - (someone let the doddering old man wander in front of a TV camera - where's the Easter Bunny when you needed him), whoever is actually running the country instructed the justice department to challenge Judge Kimball Mizelle's ruling. Again, erring on the side of authoritarian control and not on the side of liberty and the individual.

That is the crux of our society right now. Either you believe in the power of the individual and liberty or you believe in the power of government. You must choose one. I choose the former.

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