Teen not allowed to attend Graduation

Graduation should be one the happiest times of a young person's life. As you hear all the cliches from fellow students and administrators at the commencement, you start to feel eager to "go after it" and "conquer the world." When it comes to Maddi Runkles this is something she will not get to experience. According to 9News.com in an article written by Adelle M. Banks, Maddi Runkles attends a Christian high school in Maryland, where the Principal is implementing a very strict zero tolerance policy, and declining the teen to "walk" with her class; due to Maddi being pregnant. This is a tough one for me, because I see the value of both sides of the coin. On one hand you have the Christian values holding strong, and the value of the lesson that there are consequences for your actions. On the other hand though,  as Christian people, although the Bible does not condone premarital sex; the good book also emphasizes forgiveness.  part of me wants to say welcome her to the graduation with open arms and embrace her. forgive the mistakes she has made and let her know there are people there for her; even though she did mess up. there is also a part of me with understanding from the schools prospective. as a Christian institute it would also be hypocritical to celebrate something that the Bible condones; just as it is not to forgive her though. This is where this situation gets very complicated.  My final thoughts are look at the Bible Verse John 8:7, "He who is without sin among you, Let him cast a stone at her." I am not saying it is ok to have premarital sex, but i'm also saying the school should forgive her of her sins. After all Jesus did die for our sins, and that should not be forgotten!

who do you side with on this issue? 

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