Whose fault is it really?

According to an article written by Fox 31 KDVR and Colorado's own Channel 2  SARAH STRINGER AND JOE DAHLKE the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings claims that Millennials are killing the restaurant industry. Sally J Smith said, "millennials are cooking at home and ordering delivery more than previous generations." My own two cents, I truly don't believe the millennial generation is killing the business. I  believe that the high prices and customer service are what makes a or breaks a company here in America. I am not saying that the service is bad a B dubs (as I call it), but the prices in my opinion can be outrageous. So before you throw what seems to be a large amount of your customer base under the bus Sally, you might want to find out what is wrong with it the business. The millennials may not be eating out as much, but honestly I do not believe that is the reason Buffalo Wild Wings is struggling so much.
What do you think are Millennials "killing" the chain restaurants? 

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